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Barry Duddy is Marketing

Hey, I’m Barry – thanks for dropping by

Having bought, started, bought, sold and operated several business- I came to realise that I did one thing better than anyone else I knew…


Regardless of industry, customer type, whether a physical product or service I was able to create and package an offering in a way that brought a torrent of customers and new sales.

 Having also had the privilege to learn from the best business minds, leaders and marketers in the world and put into practice their insights. I created this site as an ongoing resource to grow your own business or help you to drive growth in your  company.

Whether you are a soloprenuer, building a growing company or working as a marketer within a larger organisation – I’m here to show you through my own experiments how you can quickly create new revenue streams, identify new customers and grow profits. Most importantly build a business that works for you.

Through regular webcasts and consulting I am committed to giving individuals and organisations access to world class thinking in the fields of business growth and marketing performance.

This relentless commitment to constantly test and measure what is working right now and  understand the techniques of high performing companies and the people within them, allows you to access business intelligence that will drive not only revenue but your personal growth.

Everything I share is based on proven models of success.

I am a marketing practitioner not a theorist – I share all the stuff I work on every day and is supplemented by the collective intelligence and input of marketing professionals  from a number  business areas. . 

Whether you want to build your own business or impact your company more meaningfully – an investment in yourself pays the best level of interest. Listen to the podcast, get the free email updates and stay in touch here

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