I have started, ran, bought and sold businesses in the finance, property and marketing spaces.

Day to day I am an active marketer and property trader working closely with clients through my Relentless Marketing brand and developing my own property businesses and that of partners, alongside this.

The genesis of this site was to create a vault of knowledge from me and others who are pro actively building a business, involved in property, impacting the world or generally just winning at life.

If you found your way here – I am guessing we are like minded, that you avail yourself to new knowledge and personal development in equal measure. I know that this is an area that has always been something I have subscribed to – to the point that I wrote my own personal development book – Personal Best (an Amazon bestseller) it was created after I met with and interviewed over two hundred leaders in business, sport, politics, leadership, science and the arts.

This collective knowledge was distilled into the book Personal Best – How Ordinary People Achieved Extraordinary Success.

The commitment to discovering the thinking and processes behind world class performance continues to drive me and I look to continuously bring intelligence from those who excel in their field.

To connect with me drop an email to barry @ barryduddy.com or find barryduddy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Personal Best | Inside Strategies for Real World Success