Property Consulting

The only investment vehicle with 500 years of positive returns

Having bought,  refurbished and sold property over a numbers of years, having been a buy to let landlord for decades and ran a property auction and estate agency business I know what works and where the pitfalls are.

Whether you need to create a new income stream from property, help in building your portfolio, or assistance with funding a purchase – my team and I can assess your prospective investments and connect you with experts who can help you to grow your business.

We can help you maximise your capital and leverage your time – giving advice, coaching and help with

  • Buy to Let – The basics of building a portfolio
  • Funding – How to get 100% financing on your deals
  • Property Trading – How to buy and sell property for fast profits
  • Adding value – How to inexpensively refurbish a property to add instant equity
  • Commercial Property – The inside guide to buying and owning  commercial property for profit
  • Team building  – How to find and manage a team of trades and professional advisers to have onside whilst you build your property business
  • No money down property trading

In addition to one to one coaching – you can access a wealth  of documentation and training material that will help you build your  property business.

I work one to one with individuals  helping them to grow their property business in a way that maximises capital and allows you to reclaim your most precious resource – time.

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